elmstreet14 (elmstreet14) wrote in nightmaresunite,

new banner

okay..i have come up with a banner...its not official...my programs arent liking me very much and they dont want to make cool ones for me...lol... i will get a better one eventually...but for now..this is it
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I'm using that banner. What happened to the one you made to advertise nightmare nation, it wasn't working?
im not sure...i notice it is just a red x
it's not there now, i didn't know how to fix that. the coding looked fine.
hmm...i dont know...erm.. i cant think of any ideas either...sorry. im working on more images for the community...and erm...are you going to join my community?
I didn't yet? oh well I'll do that now!
but i cant post new topics, why? and you didn't officially join mine yet, according to the list of members anyway! join?
i hsould have joined...or i erm..added it..right..ill join..sorry about that...um...you should be able to post...i dont know
check your settings for the community.
Oh new Freddy community! Whee! He is the best.
its not all that new. Its just like, not like demonaHHH's community. its not all popular