elmstreet14 (elmstreet14) wrote in nightmaresunite,

some pictures

the following i made:

(well actually...this one airyck made for me...but i should post it for you guys to see)

(i didnt make this one...i just thought i should share this)
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pictures! hey hey! if you want I can advertise your community on mine with a banner. The top one looks cool!
oh yes please..that would be great...i have actually been trying to create a unique banner. they dont seem to be turning out all that good for me. as soon as i get one that fits my like-ness...i will let you know
ok! i'll go get that and put it up then!
wait...before you do anything...i gots one for you...its only temorary though... like i said..they dont seem to want to turn out good for me lately..but here is the temporary one... and erm... the link is http://img78.photobucket.com/albums/v316/Wolfwood63/freddybanner.jpg for when you do the code...
Oh, alright. I did put the other one up, but this takes much less space. It's a good one either way.
YAY! thank you...i advertised nightmare death on mine too
lol thanks...so do you! you put two of my pictures on there...and i appreciate it. thanks
Wow its really good. I enjoy it:)
thank you! wow i havnt made a picture in a long time. i should do that. lol
yes you should
thanks! maybe i will. it might take a while though, because i have to get a bunch of new freddy pictures. lol